AOS 5.11 New Features „short overview“

NUTANIX released AOS 5.11. Here are some cool features that will come with this release.

Acropolis 5.11 Family Release notes:

All details on the new versions and their features as well as bug fixes.

Storage Quality of Service (QoS) (Performance & Resiliency)

AOS 5.11 introduces the first user-defined storage quality of service (QoS) attribute for Nutanix clusters.

It will be available with ESX&AHV.

Nutanix cluster admins can now rate limit (throttle) IOPS of selected virtual machines on their clusters to prevent

less critical workloads from affecting the performance of mission critical workloads.

This builds on the strong foundation of QoS capabilities already built into the Nutanix system.

The value:

Segregating workload types from each other makes it possible to prioritize specific or business critical workloads over less critical workloads. So they always have adequate performance in times of high load.

Network segmentation 2.0

What is it?

AOS 5.11 introduces the capability to physically isolate Volumes traffic external to a Nutanix cluster to a separate physical network.

This allows customers to meet network security requirements while also giving them granular control over different types of traffic.

This builds on Network Segmentation 1.0 which enabled the segregation of internal cluster (backplane) traffic from management traffic.

In a later release it will also be possible to physically segregate CVM Backplane Traffic from the management traffic.

The value:

Physical isolation of different types of cluster traffic has been a long standing customer ask. The main driver is security with performance and

resiliency being the secondary considerations Security requirements for several enterprises mandate the separation of external client traffic

(that may carry sensitive data and also connections from outside the company) from internal/management traffic.

Customers may also want to isolate certain traffic to specific ports on a cluster so that networking policies can be selectively applied

There are several public security requirements in all the different countries. F.e BSI (for Germany).

How does it work ?

Storage Capacity (Scale) – Dense Storage Node 120+ TB

AOS 5.11 introduces higher storage capacity nodes. Customers can now achieve ½ Petabyte raw storage capacity from a four node cluster.

This provides an efficient, high-density, scalable solution perfect for the needs of your Object Storage, File Shares, Surveillance video archival,

DR Backup etc.

This solution continues to provide native backup and DR capabilities at 6 hour RPO.

Available configurations


Storage: 2×3.84TB SSD + 10x12TB HDD

Memory: 192 GB and above

CPU: 2 sockets, 10 cores or more [Use Sizer for workload specific configurations]

NX-5155-G6 [Roadmap for Q4FY19]

Storage: 2×3.84TB SSD + 10x12TB HDD

Memory: 192 GB and above

CPU: 2 sockets, 10 cores or more [Use Sizer for workload specific configurations]

OEM Configurations: TBU

NUTANIX objects (formerly NUTANIX buckets)

How does it work?

The new Architecture of object storage from NUTANIX

NUTANIX objects supports a wide range for your object storage use-cases

Those features and use-cases are also a perfect fit in conjunction with the 120+TB capacity node.

Other useful new features:

Backup + DR:

Nutanix Recovery Plans for automation of Data Protection & Replication at Scale, supported for ESXi ESXi.

Now customers can automatically recover between two ESX Clusters.

Nutanix DR solution for sub-15 min RPO, NearSync, now supported on Site Recovery Manager


NUTANIX continuously  develops their Acropolis Enterprise Cloud platform. Every new release brings new exciting and useful features.

NUTANIX does a very good job in development and as well in support.

Keep up the good work @NUTANIX.

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